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Receivable Financing

Cash flow financing solutions for SME Businesses and Corporates without any hard collateral(Security).

Receivable Financing

  Early payment against the future receivables

  Working capital finance without collateral

  Short term financing Upto 120 days

  Competitive interest rates.


Unsecured Loans for Business Enterprises

Inter Corporates Deposits:

Short term Loans upto 180 days

Collateral free Loans.

Loan from cash rich companies

Bullet repayment

Competitive interest rates.

Business Loans:

Collateral free Loans

Loan tenure upto 3 years

Repayment in equal monthly installments

Competitive interest rates

General purpose usage.

Corporate Loans:

Collateral free term Loans upto 4 years

Repayment in equal monthly installments

Competitive interest rates

General purpose usage

Loans from Banks,NBFCs and Financial institutions.


Funding to acquire new assets or raise funds against existing assets

Promoter's Funding:

  Loans to the promoters of the listed companies against promoter shareholding

  Flexible Tenure and Repayment terms

  Facility from private investors and Financial institutions

  General purpose usage.

Loan against shares:

  Loan against listed/Unlisted tradable securities

  Flexible Repayment terms

  Low rate of interest

  Quick and easy disbursement.

Equipment and Machinery Financing:

  Long term loans to buy Equipment and Machinery

  Equipment/Machinery as a security

  Low rate of interest and repayment in easy monthly investments

  Loans to Professionals,Business Interprise and Company.

Customized Solutions

Financing solutions to meet specific business needs:

  Tailor made solutions based on the business requirements

  Structured Finance-Mezzanine Debt

  Cashflow based financing with repayment terms based on future receivables

  Structured Loans for startups

  Private credit.

We provide solutions to Corporates & to SME's from various sectors such as








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